For Individuals and Families

For Individuals and Families

Purchasing local food individually or for your family can happen in many different ways. Below are a few of the most common purchasing methods--give them a try!

  • CSAs: Many of our Buy Fresh Buy Local farms offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as a way to ensure an abundance of local food on your table during the growing season. CSA is a direct connection between the farmers and the consumers through ‘farm shares’. Before the start of the season, when the farmer is planning the upcoming year, shares are sold to members of the community at a fixed price. Every week throughout the growing season, CSA members receive a box of that week's harvest. The farmer gains the security of knowing he or she has been paid for a portion of the harvest and the farmer's "community" participates in how and where their food is grown.

  • Direct-Sales: Some farms sell only through direct sales--either right from their farm, through delivery, or at set meeting points. If you find a farm that’s selling what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to see how you can purchase what you need.

  • Farmers Markets: With over tens of farmers markets listed on our website, you’re sure to find one happening in your area. Make it a weekly family excursion, get to know your farmers, learn about what products are in season when, and stock up on local food!

  • UPick: Orchards frequently invite you to experience the farm during their growing season through U-Pick. Visiting an orchard and picking your own apples, peaches, or berries gives you the confidence that you are getting the freshest produce possible. Bring the kids, teach them about where their food comes from and share the beauty of Virginia’s farmland! All U-Pick orchards are seasonal, so call for operating days and times.

One of the most important things you can do is Ask for Local. Let your local grocer, retailer, and restaurant know that you want to purchase locally-sourced food from them. The more your family makes it know you want to support our local farms, the more local food you’ll find on store shelves and on menus.

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